What is Horseball?

  • Fast paced, exciting, highly competitive team sport

  • Mix of basketball and rugby

  • Quidditch on Horses!

  • Descendant of Pato, developed by the French

  • Great for developing team work, horsemanship, trust and control.

Why Partner Horseball?

  • Exciting spectator sport for equestrians and non equestrians

  • Official member of BE, FEI and FIHB

  • Great potential for growth as a sport

  • FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 inclusion as demonstration discipline

  • A dedicated team working on promotion and gaining publicity

Press Coverage

  • Your Horse Magazine

  • Equestrian Life
  • BBC Radio 2

  • Horsing About

  • CNN Equestrian

  • BBC News

  • Mars Milk

Online & Social Media

  • 3,700+ Facebook Fans

  • 580+ Twitter Followers

  • 1,400+ Instagram Followers

  • 500+ Website visits per month

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Sponsorship Opportunities?

  • League & International Teams

    • Shirts/Jackets/Tracksuits

    • Numnahs/Rugs

  • Individual Player

    • Shirts/Jackets/Tracksuits

    • Numnahs/Rugs

Sponsorship Opportunities?

  • League Events

    • Barriers/Stands/Leaflets

  • Trophies/Rosettes/Prizes

  • Demonstrations

    • Barriers/Stands/Leaflets


  • Wide range of packages tailored to suit each partner

    • Event Sponsor

    • Gold Sponsor

    • Silver Sponsor

    • Official Supplier

  • Team (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

  • Individual Player

  • Offerings such as

    • Promo photos/videos with branding

    • Rights to event photos/videos

    • Naming of trophies and prizes

    • Invitation to awards ceremony

    • Online and social media links

Package Details
(Update in progress)



  • We are looking to build strong partnerships to enable us to grow as a sport, get more people playing and in turn offer more to our sponsors.

  • Horseball is a great way for young riders to improve their confidence, trust and skill on a horse.

  • The sport has big aspirations internationally – to become an FEI official discipline and eventually an Olympic sport. 

  • Boosted by WEG 2014 inclusion as an exhibition discipline.

  • 20 countries now competing, with at least 1 on each continent.