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Team GBR


British Horseball has been sending International Selections to compete all over the world since 1992. The first was a Pro-Elite team, who in 1992 competed in Paris against five other national teams and marked the birth of Horseball in the UK. 

One of the players, Jim Copeland, is still prominent in British Horseball as BHA Director, as well as remaining an active coach and the occasional player.

When we say you can never get enough of this sport we really aren't lying!

Results have been mixed through the years as Horseball has developed across Europe and beyond. The earliest medal achievement from Team GBR was the Under 16 team in 2004 at the FIHB European Championships in Lamotte-Beuvron, France. Again two of these players are still representing Great Britain yearly in the Pro-Elite GBR team and the Ladies GBR team.

Other medal achievements include; 

  • Milan 2005 - Team GBR Ladies - Silver Medal

  • Rennes 2007 - Team GBR Ladies - Bronze Medal

  • Ponte de Lima 2008 - Team GBR Ladies - Silver Medal

  • Saint Lo 2017 - Team GBR Pro-Elite - Bronze Medal



This year will see 2 teams from GB travel to France to compete in an International Competition. Competing will be Under 21 & Under 16 Teams.

Coaching the Under 21 Team & Under 16 Team will be Sarah Whitby. Try-out sessions for the teams have been held in March and continue through to June. Early player & horse preparation is highly encouraged, to enforce this BHA Welfare Officer, Mike Barton has produced informative documents on horse fitness, feeding regimens and important guidelines to follow when in the final weeks preparation of competition. Please click here to find out more.

As an association we are looking forward to the excitement and dedication that an international competition brings. Not just from the players, but the loyal supporters, fundraisers and sponsors.

For more information on the Team GBR trainings, selections and much more follow our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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Your support and contributions will help send the teams heading out to compete at international tournaments, this can total 24 players & horses. Horseball is a self-funding organisation, so fundraising and sponsorship is a massive part of what gets the teams to these incredible competitions to represent the country. All donations go directly to the teams and help massively with training, transport and competition costs. 

Sponsorship Packages are also available, for more information or to get involved and be a part of Team GBR, please contact,



What is Horseball?

  • Fast paced, exciting, highly competitive team sport

  • Mix of basketball and rugby

  • Quidditch on Horses!

  • Descendant of Pato, developed by the French

  • Great for developing team work, horsemanship, trust and control.

Why Partner Horseball?

  • Exciting spectator sport for equestrians and non equestrians

  • Official member of BE, FEI and FIHB

  • Great potential for growth as a sport

  • FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 inclusion as demonstration discipline

  • A dedicated team working on promotion and gaining publicity

Press Coverage

  • Your Horse Magazine

  • Equestrian Life
  • BBC Radio 2

  • Horsing About

  • CNN Equestrian

  • BBC News

Online & Social Media

  • 4,200+ Facebook Followers

  • 1,750+ Instagram Followers

  • 580+ Twitter Followers

  • 500+ Website visits per month

(Website refresh in progress)

Sponsorship Opportunities?

  • League & International Teams

    • Shirts/Jackets/Tracksuits

    • Numnahs/Rugs

  • Individual Player

    • Shirts/Jackets/Tracksuits

    • Numnahs/Rugs

Sponsorship Opportunities?

  • League Events

    • Barriers/Stands/Leaflets

  • Trophies/Rosettes/Prizes

  • Demonstrations

    • Barriers/Stands/Leaflets


  • Wide range of packages tailored to suit each partner

    • Event Sponsor

    • Gold Sponsor

    • Silver Sponsor

    • Official Supplier

  • Team (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

  • Individual Player

  • Offerings such as

    • Promo photos/videos with branding

    • Rights to event photos/videos

    • Naming of trophies and prizes

    • Invitation to awards ceremony

    • Online and social media links


  • We are looking to build strong partnerships to enable us to grow as a sport, get more people playing and in turn offer more to our sponsors.

  • Horseball is a great way for young riders to improve their confidence, trust and skill on a horse.

  • The sport has big aspirations internationally – to become an FEI official discipline and eventually an Olympic sport. 

  • Boosted by WEG 2014 inclusion as an exhibition discipline.

  • 20 countries now competing, with at least 1 on each continent.

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