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2024 Training Events

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Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program (YDP) is a 12 month training plan, Developing Horseball for Young Equestrians in the UK aged 12-21 years. For full details on the YDP please click below.

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Coaching Development Days

  • Player training

  • Coaches continuous professional development

There will be development days delivered by guest international coaches being held in North and South locations through the summer. These will give players a fantastic opportunity to learn from varied and experienced coaches.

18th May - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

19th May - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

15th June - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

16th June - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

20th July - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

21st July - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

17th August - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

18th August - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

Team GBR Journey to Chambly

  • Under 16s 

  • Under 21s

The Under 16 and Under 21 International competition will take place from 8th-14th July in Chambly, France. The British Horseball Association plan to present a team in both categories (subject to sufficient interest and attendance at training).

20th April - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

11th May - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

8th-9h June - Arkley Lane Stables, Barnet

13th-14th July - Arkenfield Stables, Gunthorpe

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